Choosing the right cattery
makes all the difference

Find out why Seaview Cattery is the right cattery for your cat.
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We bring the outdoors inside

The large play area has tunnels, climbing trees and toys, and lots of places to have a quiet nap. We grow catnip outside: a daily sprinkle revs up playfulness!

The cattery has a lovely indoor/outdoor feel – grapevines grow under the translucent roof, providing an adventurous climbing frame with that up-high view that cats love.

Cats are let out all day if they are settled, and pen doors are left open so they can return to home base for quiet time. At night they’re secure in their pens.

Seaview Cattery is suited to long or short stays – we’ve had cats stay happily for months while owners are overseas.

The new winter quarters are double glazed, insulated and heated for all year round comfort, with garden views. Electric blankets are provided on request.

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We’re great with cats

Co-owner Katie is becoming known for persuading even the most reluctant cat to have a great stay. She loves animals and always wanted to be a vet, but James Herriott and too few A grades put paid to that, so she manages the cattery and works in PR on a contract basis.

Geoff works in management consulting across the Pacific. He has held senior roles in NZ government and Crown entities, and was a Warrant Officer in the NZ Defence Force where he served for 20 years.

Seaview Cattery’s staff are always chosen for their gentleness and kindness to cats.

Geoff and Katie live on site at Seaview, where they enjoy getting to know their local customers, and being close to their boat Am Meer at the marina, where Geoff is Commodore of Lowry Bay Yacht Club.

They’ve had many cats over the years – unfortunately none at present, just a dog. Their last cat clan numbered 4: 3 passed away from old age, and the fourth returned to its owners who spent 6 years overseas.

We welcome your visit

Come and see the cattery in action: it definitely sells itself. Just drop in during opening hours – no need to book – and talk through your cat’s individual needs. Mornings are best for visits because all the cats are up and about.

Seaview Cattery is 15-20 minutes drive from Wellington city. It’s on the 81/83 bus route, and there’s parking right outside.

We don’t recommend doing a short trial stay with your cat before a longer stay – it’s more likely to stress them out as they don’t have enough time to get used to it. Quite a few cats choose to stay in their pens for a couple of days (and some longer) to watch what’s going on before joining in the fun and getting good memories of their stay.

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