Contact Details

Phone: 04 568-5932

027 621 4890

Open Hours

  • 8.00-10.00am every day
  • 3.30-6.00pm every day except Saturday
  • We are closed to the public on Saturdays after 10.00 am, Christmas Day and New Years Day

Current Vaccination Certificate

For the well being of all cats in our care it is essential that a current vaccination certificate for cat ‘flu has been issued by a qualified veterinarian. This must be brought with you when your cat is dropped off. Cats should not be vaccinated for cat ‘flu in the 10 days prior to boarding.

Health and Hygiene

We recommend that you de-flea and worm your cat prior to boarding. If your cat has fleas on admission, a flea treatment is administered with costs added to boarding charges.

Medical Services

We are able to administer oral medications.

We do not accept bookings for diabetic cats.


Should your cat become unwell during his or her stay we will immediately take your cat to your veterinarian for assessment. We would then contact you, or your nominated contact person. Any veterinary fees will be the owner’s responsibility.


In the main cattery building we have single story accommodation for 66 cats. This comprises 50 single units (1.2m high, 55cm wide and 1.18m deep) and eight double units for two cats belonging to the same family. All units have a sleeping shelf. At Christmas, New Year and other busy times, an annex with 20 double story units is also used.

Cats are provided with a bed and a synthetic sheepskin to sleep on. During colder weather, insulation is provided on the sleeping shelf and a warm rug with the sheepskin. You may bring a favourite blanket or their bed from home but this is not necessary. Some people like to bring an old jersey or sweat shirt, as something familiar can be of comfort to a timid cat. All cats are kept in their individual units from 5.00pm to 8.00am.  Heat pads are available at a cost of $2 per day.  These should be requested when booking is made.

Playing & Exercise

A large, clean, open, sunny and airy play area under the grapevines gives the cattery the feel of the outdoors. Ample opportunity is given for cats to play and exercise, normally within the first 24 hours of boarding. However, this period is considerably reduced for cats that are familiar with and confident in their surroundings. New arrivals are carefully supervised for a few hours when they first come out to ensure all is well. If they are anxious, two spacious “conservatory-like” courtyards are available for timid cats, or when owners wish to keep their cat or cats separate.

We provide a lot of individual attention to your cat and endeavour to ensure that all cats have many hours of playtime per day.


Your cat will be fed Iams chicken biscuits at 8.00am and again at 5.00pm. Wet food is also available. If your cat requires a special or prescription diet, we are happy for you to provide that.  Only bring enough for your cat’s stay with us. Fresh water is always available to your cat.

Heat pads

During the cold weather, units with Argus Pet Heat Pads are available. These must be ordered at the time of making your booking as numbers are limited. There is an additional charge of $2 per day for the use of a heat pad.


We do not offer a grooming service however we do regularly brush and attend to our furry friends (if they will let us)!!


The cattery is protected by monitored 24 hour security and smoke alarms provided by Recon Professional Services Ltd.

Visiting Your Cat

You are welcome to visit your cat while he or she is with us. If you wish to visit outside our open hours, phone first to ensure we will be home.

Email and/or Text Reports

We are able to email or text reports to you regarding your cat’s wellbeing while you are away. This needs to be specially requested.

To Make A Booking

Phone Laurel or Douglas on 04 568-5932 or 027 621 4890 or email at any time, or you may call at the cattery during open hours.

 Charges (GST inc)
One Cat $16 per day
Two cats $28 per day
Three or more cats $12 per cat per day
  • Cats requiring oral medication will be charged at an additional $2 per day
  •  Flea treatment is $18 per treatment
  • Use of an Argus Heat Pad will be charged an additional $2 per day
  • A 10% discount applies for stays of 22 consecutive days or more
  • Charges for longer stays are negotiable

Christmas and New Year Bookings 2021/22

We are giving priority to our regular Xmas clients for bookings and will be contacting them all by email before the end of March.  They well be afforded the opportunity to make a provisional booking.  Around mid-year we will contact them again to finalise bookings.  Booking enquiries received between now and mid-year will be recorded in date order and spaces available after the regulars bookings are confirmed will be allocated on that basis.


From Friday 17th December 2021 to Friday 7th January 2022, the charge is $20 per day for one cat, $18 per cat per day for two cats and $16 per cat per day for three or more cats.