Terms and conditions

When you book in your cat with us you are deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions.

You must pay your bill in full before you can take your cat away. For stays of longer than one month, you must make monthly payments.

The payment period starts on the day of arrival, regardless of the time of arrival. Payment is by the day, and a part-day is charged as a whole day.

Charges are as at the charges posted on the day of arrival, not the time of booking. Quotes made in advance are based on the charges posted on the day of the quote.

Arrival and departure out of hours may incur additional charges.

Unused days may incur the normal charge during peak periods.

We do not accept credit card payment.

There is no reduction in charges for food or bedding supplied by the owner.

Seaview Cattery will take all reasonable care, but cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss or death of your cat, and loss or damage of accessories.

By boarding with us you are agreeing to, and agreeing to pay for, any urgent veterinary treatment deemed necessary for your cat’s welfare by a qualified veterinarian, including euthanasia. If your cat shows signs of serious illness or injury, we will try to get hold of you or your nominated representative first, using the contact details you have given us. If we can’t get hold of you within a reasonable time, we will phone a vet for advice – your vet if we have those details, or urgent care if it’s out of hours. If the advice is to take your cat to the vet, we charge $50 per round trip. You are liable for the vet charges: if we cannot get hold of you to arrange for you to make payment direct to the vet, we will pay and add the charges to your bill.

You must advise us if your cat has any existing medical conditions, and provide any medication to last their stay. Note that we cannot do vaccinations, drips or provide a lot of care to individual cats unless by prior agreement.

Pets sometimes get small injuries or ailments from communal boarding. Seaview Cattery will not be held liable for any veterinary bills or the cost of any other care arising.

If we notice external or internal parasites on a cat, we will isolate and treat the cat at the owner’s expense.

Your cat must have been vaccinated for cat flu within the last 12 months, and kittens must have completed the course with all boosters. Where a cat has had to start or re-start the full course of vaccinations, it cannot be boarded within 10 days of the final booster being administered.

A cat is deemed to have been abandoned when it has not been collected 14 days after its due departure date and we have not been advised of any change to the departure date and we cannot contact the owner or their emergency contact and payment is 14 days or more in arrears, or the owner advises that it is abandoned. We will seek to recover any money owed.

  • Un-neutered (entire) male cats
  • Cats who require injections, drips, or a lot of individual care
  • Cats who we consider to be sick, injured, or in a poor condition
  • Abusive customers’ cats
  • Aggressive cats that are unmanageable and risk injuring our staff
  • Unforeseen circumstances that require us to close the cattery